Assisted Living After a Hospital Stay

When Medicare patients don't qualify for rehabilitation, but can't go home safely after a surgery or injury, there is a safe alternative. Assisted Living is an alternative to rehabilitation / nursing home placement for many individuals. Kris-Leigh Assisted Living - with three communities in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, provides housing and a combination of supportive services. This allows you or your loved one a stable environment to recuperate in, in a short term stay capacity. Services are tailored to their guests  needs and depending on the necessary level of care, the degree of service(s) may vary.

Kris-Leigh Assisted Living facilities offer an alternative to the medical and institutional care of a nursing home. They are designed to respond to the individual needs of seniors. Cost and funding assistance varies, however their communities are typically less expensive than the medical model of the nursing home.

Kris-Leigh Assisted Living offers many other benefits for short-term or long-term stays, within their communities. They strive to offer cost effective quality care that is personalized for the individual's needs, while providing a "residential" setting to help relieve the fears of being placed in an institution or nursing home. Kris-Leigh Assisted Living can assist you or your loved one after a hospital stay, by providing: monitoring residents  general health, providing supervision and assistance with daily living activities, coordinating access to medication and/or therapy, home health nursing services, and hospice, monitoring and managing residents  behavioral needs (including psychological needs), and offering residents social and recreational activities.

Kris-Leigh takes great care to focus on fostering independence in a safe, friendly environment, while maintain dignity and respect to their guests. They promote individuality, allow choices of care and lifestyle, and nurture the spirit and involve the family as much as possible

Kris-Leigh Assisted Living is licensed to provide I, II and III Level of Care. It offers their residents a host of services in addition to assisted living, such as: hospice care, on-site rehabilitation services, short term/stay care, and memory impaired care programs. Kris-Leigh Assisted Living provides residents with dignity, understanding, security, and the highest quality of care. They strive to delight residents while giving peace of mind to their family members, when they need it most. For more information, and to preview our award-winning waterfront community in Severna Park, or our country cottage-like communities in Gambrills and Davidsonville visit or call to schedule a tour today: (410) 975-9919.