Short-Stay Care

A Wonderful Respite: A Great Way to Get to Know Us

All of our Kris-Leigh communities offer a unique program called Respite Care. Your loved one may want to take advantage of this option for several reasons:

  • He or she is thinking about moving into our assisted living community, but wants to fully experience the lifestyle before making a final decision.
  • He or she is being discharged from a hospital or Rehabilitation Center, but may still need some extra help to ease the transition to home.

    A family member or elder caregiver is going away on vacation, and your loved one needs a temporary place to live while the caregiver gets a well-deserved break.
If so, we welcome your loved one to stay in any of our communities for just a week* – or for however long they choose. Your loved one will receive the same services all residents enjoy – home-cooked meals, scheduled transportation, along with all of our services and amenities. In fact, most of our short-stay residents tell us how quickly they feel right at home – so much at home and part of the community that many choose to stay for the longer term.